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Crosslake works with technology leaders to transform software development across the globe. We help organizations continually innovate and optimize software delivery to create new value. We understand that it’s our dedicated employees who make that happen. Do you have what it takes to foster excellence in yourself and others?

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Does it sicken you to see the software development disasters that occur every day? You know the kind – poor quality, inefficient development cycles and missed deadlines. Do you want to help teams prevent these mistakes from occurring? Are you a go-getter who is very results-oriented, and can make a high performing team even better? Then we have the role for you.




Crosslake, an enabler of software engineering excellence for high-profile technology companies, is seeking a superstar senior consultant that has been around the block a few times. You’ve lived in the trenches and ideally have lead successful teams to the promised land of high quality software delivered on time at a frequent cadence. You know what it takes to be successful and are excited and passionate about imparting that knowledge and wisdom onto others.

Expected Results

  • Be an apprentice consultant for your first 2 projects and then be willing and able to drive a project on your own to successful completion, including collaboration, project management, and getting your hands dirty
  • Participate in and drive technical due diligence efforts on behalf of investment companies, collaborating, digging deep, and creating a report for the investors to outline technical investment risks
  • Assess the capability of a software engineering organization and create a plan to improve the team in targeted areas
  • Participate in hands-on implementation projects using processes and technologies that are most applicable to you, producing stellar customer feedback along the way
  • [Nice to have] Leverage your network and communication skills to bring new business to a small but growing company (with big incentives)


  • Knowledge and Skills
    • Ability to work from home (or an office of your choosing) and be self-directed, but also effectively collaborate with the team in both a remote and in-person capacity
    • Strong technical acumen and technical horsepower
    • Strong knowledge in at least one of the following areas: Product Management, Program Management, Software Architecture, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Release Management, DevOps, Product Support, Professional Services
    • Be willing to learn and take on new areas that may be outside of your initial comfort zone
    • Passion towards making others great and making a high-performing team even better
    • An action-oriented personality – you know how to get stuff done
    • [Preferred, but not mandatory] Be available for in-person collaboration sessions in the Seattle area on relatively short notice
    • [Preferred] Strong knowledge in at least one of the following areas: Project Management tools (e.g. TFS, Jira), Development technologies (e.g. C#, Java), Build tools (e.g. TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity), Test tools (e.g. TFS, HP QC, Selenium), Deployment tools (e.g. MS Release Management, Octopus, Chef)
  • Education
    • [Preferred] Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field (BUT experience is more important than a specific degree)
  • Experience
    • 10+ years shipping software products or services in one of the following roles: Product Management, Program Management/Business Analyst, Architect, Developer, QA Engineer, Release Manager, DevOps, Product Support or Professional Services

You’re smart and passionate about how software is developed. You are accountable, self-motivated and always driven to do better. You have a high degree of initiative and are always looking for new ways to help people. You learn from your mistakes and make everyone around you better for it. You live and breathe Kaizen. You belong on a small team making big impacts. You should be part of the Crosslake experience.

 TRIVIA: What body of water was the Crosslake name inspired by? Let us know your guess when you contact us!
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