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Constant market pressure is pushing companies to innovate and release new products and services faster and more frequently to maintain an advantage over the competition. As new technologies emerge that enhance and enable reductions in time to market and development costs, it still takes time to effectively learn and adopt these technologies.  While companies are faced with these market challenges and technical opportunities, it’s not uncommon for them to also be constrained by availability of qualified resources and internal budgets which make it even more challenging to deliver against requirements.

Leveraging a trusted partner to help you expedite your projects and the adoption of new more modern and efficient practices may be the solution to help you deliver faster.

At Crosslake, we produce optimal results for our clients because we delve into the areas that matter most.

Wise and Trusted Leadership

Hazem Abolrous, Managing Director of Crosslake Labs, has more than 23 years of experience in software, project implementation and management.  With deep experience in software innovation management and implementation, learning development and organizational transformation in a global setting, our team has lived this process, tried it and delivered continuous improvements to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Business Results Driven Approach

We avoid the problems we’ve seen on past projects.  We focus on project-based development with clear goals and objectives.  Leveraging world class distributed development and development/quality practices, we use modern, agile technologies and practices to deliver projects.

Optimal Geography and Cultural Similarities

Based in Estonia, we’ve optimized our resources with modern skill sets in a cost-effective geography with time zone advantages and cultural similarities.  With English fluency and local leadership, our cross-functional team is well-equipped.


Crosslake Services Overview


Leveraging Crosslake’s expertise, our clients will evolve their development and IT projects in a step-measured set of advancements. The following list provides an overview of the types of services we provide to assist clients:


  • Accelerate Roadmap Execution through nearshore resources for faster time to market.
  • Migration to Modern and scalable architectures, Micro services, Containers, etc. to improve existing value and reduce development costs.
  • Adoption of modern DevOps and Agile Development to improve time to market and quality.
  • Expedite migration from on-premise to cloud delivery, to advance life of existing products.
  • Integration service to optimize integration acquisition and value.
  • Accelerate QA Automation for test cost reductions.
  • Automation of manual processes and workflows to reduce cost of operations and enable self-service IT.

Success Stories


We’ve helped several companies accelerate their development and enterprise IT infrastructure and processes.  Our experience includes the following:

FinTech Company Works Toward QA Automation

A Fintech software services company had a multi-week regression test duration that resulted in delays to deployment and revenue for new features. Crosslake worked with the team to streamline check in, implement agile test practices and rethink its test automation strategy. This resulted in a 50% reduction in the test duration and $2 million reduction in test automation costs, not to mention faster delivery of value.

Prioritizing Enterprise Development

Crosslake assisted a large enterprise development organization with prioritizing and managing a $100 million enterprise evolution. In addition to the evolution itself, the intent was to avoid redundant and conflicting efforts as the infrastructure was upgraded and develop new operations processes to ensure planned business outcomes were realized.

Updating Legacy Electronic Product Catalogue System

Via the Internet and it’s own EDI Service, this global electronic parts company helps it’s trading partners distribute key product information quickly, efficiently, and accurately.  With this update, hundreds of new features satisfying modern supply chain management requirements were included in this migration of legacy Cobol code to Java open source.  In addition to implementing a new web-based customer portal, the system also needed to be integrated with other service provider back-ends.

Gates Foundation Project

For this Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation project, Crosslake Technologies facilitated the project as a whole leveraging its vast experience in program management, Agile development, and microservices-based software architecture on a modern technology stack, all in a highly distributed development model. The work included architecture definition, scaled agile and key tools including GitHub, CircleCI, Docker, Vagrant and Amazon Web Services. You can find more details on this exciting project here.

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