Customer Case Studies


Learn how Crosslake has helped organizations with a variety of software-related challenges ranging from technical due diligence to organizational optimization and overall vision and strategy.


DevOps with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Leads to Operational Efficiency Gains

Crosslake improved the overall effectiveness of an enterprise software development team by planning and implementing a CI/CD pipeline.

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Optimized QA Practices Lead to Productivity and Quality Improvements

Crosslake helped an enterprise company reduce their level of defects by analyzing their QA practices, identifying improvement opportunities, and leading the team through adoption of those improvements.

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Leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry in Migrating a Legacy Application to Microservices

Crosslake recently completed a project with Pivotal on a project to begin the process of modernization to a microservices software architecture for a large financial institution.

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Improved Collaboration for Multi-Million Dollar Cost Reduction

After a merger, this enterprise software organization was left with multiple costly development centers and a lack of collaboration across the product teams.

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Tools Consolidation for $225k Cost Savings and Faster Time to Market

This privately-held enterprise develops products and services for ERP, CRM, and verticals, and was challenged to develop more consistent processes to deliver efficiencies across engineering and a faster time to market.

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Multi-Firm Due Diligence to Integrated Company and Beyond

These leading providers of medical practice management software wanted to provide a best-of-breed solution to customers by leveraging the best in each company post-acquisition.  The biggest challenge was an unclear view of technical product direction.

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Reduce a Build-Deploy-Test Workflow From Days to Minutes

The largest software and data solutions company exclusively serving the oil and gas industry was looking to improve some inefficiencies in their software update process including a need to improve the quality of post-release deliverables.

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Architecture Assessment Identifies Highest ROI Initiatives

This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for financial advisors was unsure about the long-term viability of its current architecture as it relates to performance, scalability, and maintainability.  It was also concerned about developer productivity and the ability to measure such productivity.

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