IT Evolution

Enterprise IT Evolution

Traditional datacenter infrastructure and monolithic, inflexible enterprise applications are giving way to a platform-independent, service-based, agile approach to enterprise IT. Termed the Enterprise IT Evolution, this transformation enables companies to take advantage of rapid innovations and outpace competitors in an increasingly complex global business environment.

While evolving into an agile enterprise offers tremendous advantages, the process can be fraught with pitfalls, such as interruption of critical business processes and ‘boiling the ocean’ for the sake of technological advancement.

At Crosslake, we deliver optimal results for our clients, because of four critical concepts:

  • Our Consultants have extensive real-world experience and proven successes with both Fortune 500 enterprises and leading-edge startups.
  • We present a comprehensive vision that is rooted in business value, not technology for technology’s sake.
  • We work effectively with your organization and partners alike – no inflexible, “our way or nothing” approaches.
  • Our team serves as an independent voice that is not biased by competing interests or self-serving partnerships. Our only goal is our client’s success.


The Process

To help our clients make their enterprise IT evolution effective and efficient, we delve into the areas that matter most. We document clients’ current state of IT as well as the goals underpinning their evolution. Issues we examine include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • What needs drove the client’s current suite of services?
  • How well-integrated are the key platform components?
  • Does the capacity plan align with projected growth?
  • How does IT relate to the rest of the Organization?
  • How is knowledge managed throughout the Enterprise?
  • What is the Business Continuity approach?
  • What degree of process automation exists?
  • Does the portfolio support the Enterprise’s strategy?
  • What are the biggest challenges and opportunities?
Data Migration

Leveraging Crosslake’s expertise, our clients will evolve their IT in a step-measured set of advancements.

Smart Spend

Most large enterprises spend far too much of their technology budgets on maintenance of non value-added platforms and marginal legacy applications. We help our clients shift the spend towards strategic competitive services and away from expensive legacy infrastructure and applications.

IT the Service Broker

The legacy functional- and technology-based operating model that exists in most large IT organizations will not work for the technology-enabled, service-based enterprise. We help IT transform from platform manager to service broker, and from gatekeeper to enabler.

Cloud-First Delivery

Large corporate data centers are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Security, performance, flexibility and maintenance cost advantages all favor the cloud. We help trim the on-premise infrastructure commitment to those few specific cases supported by clear business justification.

Business Innovation

Big data will continue to enable new business use cases, including operations automation, self-healing infrastructure, demand scaling, and service management. We help identify how clients can set up agile infrastructure that incorporates big data in as many ways as possible.

Ultimate Efficiency

We help clients become as efficient as possible by identifying opportunities for automated provisioning, platform-independent advancement, software-defined infrastructure, new data management approaches, customer self-service, and reduced cycle times for new service deployments.

Success Stories

We’ve helped several companies evolve their enterprise IT infrastructure and processes.  Our experience includes the following:

Launching New Services Platform

We worked with a Telecom provider to prepare for the launch of a new services platform by working with their Systems Engineering organization to document critical operations processes and define vendor service agreements.

Application Migration

We helped a leading electric utility company successfully migrate 400 applications to a new data center.  This allowed them to deliver lower-cost, more reliable operations with the closing of three smaller data centers.

Improved Infrastructure Availability with IT Evolution

We worked with an enterprise organization to complete multiple datacenter migrations and consolidation projects to improve availability and Disaster Recovery. The project delivered against objectives with limited downtime for SaaS and Managed Service Providers.

Prioritizing Enterprise Development

Crosslake assisted a large enterprise development organization with prioritizing and managing a $100 million enterprise evolution. In addition to the evolution itself, the intent was to avoid redundant and conflicting efforts as the infrastructure was upgraded and develop new operations processes to ensure planned business outcomes were realized.

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