Sell-Side Diligence

While Due Diligence is a buy-side best practice and the process is well-established, it is growing in importance on the sell-side.  Taking the time and effort to identify and explore possible technical issues could be the difference between a speedy, successful sale and a long, contentious negotiation.

The benefits to performing sell-side diligence include:

  • Optimizing the transaction value
  • Reducing the internal cost and distraction of the diligence process
  • Correct positioning of the technology to avoid misunderstandings
  • Expediting technical due diligence
  • Finding potential risks in advance and effectively resolving them

Selling a company can be a full-time job and it frequently impacts senior management’s ability to continue to run the company while preparing for a sale.  Unfortunately, few executives have the experience and knowledge necessary to optimize the sale.  That’s where Crosslake can help.

At Crosslake, we have performed hundreds of technical due diligences, so we know what to look for and how to prioritize the risks and opportunities.

When performing Diligence, we’ll provide the following:

  • A reusable Technical Due Diligence Report to provide buyers
  • Recommendations to effectively resolve risks ranked in order of importance
  • Diligence readiness guidance that includes planning, Technical Book, and Technical Agendas

Being well prepared for exit will help you elevate your credibility and increase trust level with the buyer to optimize the deal structure and expedite closure.

The Process

Our sell-side diligence process is based on our proven formula.  We examine product strategy, roadmap, architecture, current development practices, R&D Costs, human resources and the organization, internal IT/Operations, as well as service and support.  Our success stems from our depth of experience, knowing the questions to ask and what areas to investigate.

To Get Started

A lack of exit planning leads to lower valuations and lost deals. If it’s time to sell and you want to speed up the sales process and optimize the transaction value, we will help you identify the risks and opportunities based on the technology, people, processes, and tools.

Getting started is easy.  Just contact us.