Pivotal Cloud Foundry

For years, Crosslake has been helping to transform businesses with best practices in software development.

In an effort to accelerate what needs to happen in this digital revolution, Crosslake has worked to develop deep expertise with the Pivotal Cloud Foundry® platform.

Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Crosslake helps its clients build and deploy software in a modern, more agile way to respond to changes in market trends and customer requirements.

As an Advanced Partner in the Pivotal Partner Ready Program, we help businesses take advantage of automation to enhance performance and move faster with more confidence and higher quality with new software endeavors.

Cloud native development modernizes both development and operations to enhance the value delivered.  By embracing concepts like open source, DevOps, containers and micro services, companies can take advantage of all that cloud native has to offer.  While your team might not have hands-on experience in all of these areas, Crosslake can facilitate the kind of change necessary to adopt these concepts.

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry® platform has been successfully deployed across the following verticals:

 – Financial Services
– Healthcare
– Pharmaceuticals
– Telecommunications
– Manufacturing
– Automotive
– Government

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