Scaled Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe)

Agile practices work well at the granular team level, but what about for the enterprise as a whole when there is a suite of products or services? The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) provides guidance for larger teams (and even nuggets of wisdom for smaller ones) to manage a portfolio of products across hundreds of people allowing development teams to more effectively execute on their commitments.

Crosslake helps bring the best pieces of SAFe to your organization help meet your business results through the following services:

  • An evaluation of your current product or services development practices with determine of whether SAFe (or pieces thereof) is right for you
  • Planning, creation and facilitation of a Program Increment planning workshop for Agile execution at scale
  • Hands-on Scrum and Kanban workshops customized to your needs to allow efficient and effective execution within the SAFe model
  • Regular coaching at all levels of SAFe, including the portfolio, program and team levels to ensure small problems don’t become big problems
  • SAFe Agilist certification through the Leading SAFe training to equip your organization to get the best out of SAFe
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Crosslake has consultants that are certified as a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4). We can train and certify your organization as SAFe Agilists to jump start a transition to SAFe.

Success Stories

Here is how we’ve helped a number of companies adopt the Scaled Agile Framework.

Teams not Aligned

A large services company in the sports industry had gone through an Agile transformation but wasn’t getting the desired results. Teams were not communicating well and development was done in silos, particularly across several acquired teams. Crosslake guided a PI Planning session that brought everyone together with alignment to the same vision. A common set of development objectives along with having everyone together for planning in the same room for 2 days left everyone re-energized and executing in a much more collaborative way.

Acquired Teams in Silos

A payroll product and services company had just acquired another company and made the decision to build their next generation payroll platform on the acquired technology. This meant mixing people and technologies from several different teams. To align everyone to the same vision and overall practices, SAFe was chosen as a framework guide development across teams that were not used to working together. Crosslake trained the entire development organization on strategic topics including Backlog Management, Scrum, Kanban, estimation, SAFe, and PI Planning. Through the guidance and coaching over several months, the team was able to meet its first set of deliverables and establish a common paradigm for development across the company.

To Get Started

Through a collaborative engagement with your internal thought leaders, we identify the opportunities based on business impact, design the right solution for your business and organization, and drive implementation to deliver measurable results.

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