Technical Assessment

Technical Assessment

Product and service development companies often have a set of technologies that is difficult to maintain, enhance, and generally build upon. The technology teams weigh multiple options for the path forward, considering criteria such as strategy of refactoring or re-engineering, efficiency of development, overall cost, and balancing maintaining existing platforms while bigger and better solutions are in development.

We provide a third party sanity check of existing platforms coupled with future technology roadmaps to help our clients efficiently deliver on the right strategy.

Below is a partial list of projects we’ve executed with our clients:

  • Evaluate the architecture roadmap for a v2 platform in the financial technology sector
  • Objectively think through refactoring vs. reengineering options for a legacy product using obsolete technologies
  • Risk-oriented code deep dive as an extension to a basic technical due diligence exercise
  • Open source identification and inventory
  • Identification of refactoring opportunities along with training on refactoring and testability techniques

Evaluate or Create the Right Architecture Roadmap

The Crosslake Team collaboratively works closely with your technology leaders to understand and evaluate your existing product or service software architecture. Using an effective combination of shipping experience, wisdom, and tools, we create an architectural roadmap and detailed technology backlog to help meet your business objectives.

Our evaluation and roadmap process includes a collaborative understanding of architecture, deep dive into code, and a look at how development is done, all considering:

Architecture principles– Use (or non-use) and applicability of key design principles including scalability, security, testability, componentization, availability and reliability, ease of maintenance to name a few.

Technology usage– We have senior people well versed in database technologies, Microsoft .NET, Java, legacy technologies such as VB6 and Delphi, open source technologies, and a host of others.

Development practices– A look at whether the development and quality practices, as well as tools, support the future technology roadmap.

Success Stories

Here is how we’ve helped a number of companies identify and execute transformation plans.

Validation of a New Version

A FinTech company with a SaaS financial portal wanted validation that they were on the right path with their version 2.0 release. Their concerns revolved mostly around product architecture, but also user experience and general approach. Crosslake conducted a set of sessions to walk through the proposed architecture and wireframes to provide feedback in areas such as maintainability, testability, performance, and modularization as well as feedback on the UI design. The result was a successful release.

To Refactor or Rewrite

A company building an education management application wasn’t sure on the direction to pursue with their future development. The two options on the table were to attempt to componentize the application and replace parts over time, or undertake a greenfield development effort to rewrite in parallel to supporting the application. Crosslake evaluated the architecture and organization and advised on a plan to create independently testable and deployable microservices while still maintaining the existing application for cash flow purposes.

Cost to replace a platform

As part of a technical due diligence for a construction software company, the investing firm wanted an analysis of effort and cost to replace the underlying engine. Through a detailed analysis of the software architecture, Crosslake put together an estimate for the replacement together with the pros and cons of doing so. The replacement is ongoing.


To Get Started

Through a collaborative engagement with your technology leaders, we help create or evaluate technology plans to deliver on your business objectives.

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