Transformation Roadmap

Transformation Roadmap

The strategic and operational challenges faced by software businesses today are intensified by rapid technological advances, sharp competition, and global economics. Executing on these effectively requires dedicated effort and deep functional and organizational expertise to achieve a rapid return on investment.

We help our clients effectively tackle strategic and operational challenges, whether in architecture, process and tools, or organization.

Below is a partial list of projects we’ve executed with our clients:

  • Executing on a new Product Strategy
  • Reducing testing costs and duration
  • Root causing schedule slips and improving project predictability
  • Post-acquisition transformation plans to accelerate value creation
  • Freeing up resources for increased innovation and reducing maintenance spend
  • Validation of critical initiatives (architectural, roadmaps, project plans, etc.)
  • Consolidating product development practices to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Accelerate The Change Based on Business Impact

The Crosslake Team collaboratively works with your thought leaders to identify and execute on opportunities.  Execution is expedited using a proven and repeatable analysis process and deep industry best practices.

Opportunities: The current situation is evaluated against the business objectives and opportunities. Recommendations are defined and prioritized based on business impact and return.

Roadmap: A deployment strategy is developed for rolling out the agreed-upon recommendations, including high level schedule, order of implementation, resource alignment and measurable business outcomes.

Execution: Solutions are derived from industry best practices and implemented on an agile basis and integrated with the development backlog and cycle. Consistent and regular measurement of results are analyzed to maximize the benefit of the changes.


Crosslake were and continue to be excellent partners for Trintech in our Agile transformation. They partnered with Trintech to adjust their approach to our needs and built upon that by leveraging their skills and experience in a way to helped to clarify the values and implementation of Agile in a way that is value-adding. We appreciate their approach and would recommend them to anyone looking at a similar transformation.

Michael Ross

Executive Vice President, Product Management, Trintech


Crosslake supports the opportunities, roadmap and execution with hands-on customized workshops using your real work and artifacts to speed up the transformation. Crosslake has experienced facilitators to help transition the team to state-of-the-art product development practices, Agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Unit testing and Refactoring, to name a few.

Success Stories

Here is how we’ve helped a number of companies identify and execute transformation plans.

Executing on New Product Strategy

A software services company made the decision to shift its product strategy to target a new market, which required new features and change in design. But after 3 months, the product and development teams could not agree on next steps to implement. Crosslake worked with team leaders to identify requirements and clarify roles and responsibilities to eliminate the roadblocks. Facilitated team workshops where used to align on the teams on requirements and operationalize the new requirement processes and roles.

Post-Acquisition Transformation Plan

Post-acquisition is typically a hectic period. Crosslake works with your organization to build out a transformation plan to focus on the initiatives that will have the most impact on value creation and create an agile implementation process that fits with your development cycle. Upfront definition of measurable outcome provide a benchmark to measure progress and keep the focus and momentum on driving measurable results.

Validation of  Critical Initiatives

A healthcare services company was concerned about the architecture for a new service that was near deployment. Crosslake was able to validate the architecture was fit for purpose and along with targeted opportunities for future improvement.  More critical however is the discovery of a gap in the go to market process that would have delayed the roll out to customers if not resolved.

Diagnosing Schedule Slips

A travel services company was developing a new backend platform to consolidate existing systems and recognize significant cost savings. The project was behind schedule and the company was concerned about on-going schedule surprises. Crosslake worked with the team to identify the root cause of the slips and implement corrective actions to get the project back on track. Crosslake and the team also implemented a project reporting system to keep stakeholders effectively updated on project status.

Consolidated Development Practices

A multi-national EPR company had acquired multiple companies and products but had not yet integrated the development organizations. Crosslake worked with the product leaders to design and implement a consistent agile based development process and deliverables across the teams resulting in improved team collaboration, shorter more consistent releases and increased productivity by greater than 25%.

Reduced test costs and duration

A Fintech software services company had a multi-week regression test duration that resulted in delays to deployment and revenue for new features. Crosslake worked with the team to streamline check in, implement agile test practices and rethink its test automation strategy. This resulted in a 50% reduction in the test duration and $2 million reduction in test automation costs.

Freeing up resources for innovation

A retail EPR companies development resources were primarily committed to maintenance leaving little time for innovation. Crosslake worked with team to identify changes to release and escalation practices to reduce maintenance time by over 20% without impacting customer satisfaction.

To Get Started

Through a collaborative engagement with your internal thought leaders, we identify the opportunities based on business impact, design the right solution for your business and organization, and drive implementation to deliver measurable results.

Are you ready to take action?  Getting started is easy. Just contact us.