The Problems We Solve

Companies come to us with a variety of software related challenges.

Vision and Strategy

Most companies know they can’t remain competitive without vision and innovation.

In some cases, the company is trying to change its product strategy, its software development model, implement new tools and processes and even update its organizational model.

Interestingly enough, when you set out to change one of these, you need to change them all, to some extent, to deliver a successful project and maximize the return on your investment.

But not every company has all the right resources in place that have the time to dedicate to future vision and still perform their day jobs to a level that meets or exceeds expectations.

That’s when it’s appropriate to consider engaging with a third party.

Some companies decide to bring Crosslake in up-front to assist with the initial vision creation and then engage Crosslake for the execution.

Plan Execution

Many times companies are equipped with all the right resources to design that vision for the future, but they just don’t have a team in place that can adequately focus on the execution so the project can get implemented in a timely manner.

In some situations, the company has tried to execute on their new vision and they are looking for some additional help to assist with the following challenges:

  • Delayed project schedules
  • On-going budget over-runs
  • Governance reporting
  • Lack of confidence or bandwidth

When a schedule slips, red flags emerge that suggest confidence in the project is waning and it needs dedicated attention to ensure it gets back on track as quickly as possible.

Crosslake has deep functional expertise in designing vision and strategy as well as execution. We pride ourselves on the fact that every member of our team has extensive experience shipping software.

Whether you’re a 20 year-old tech-enabled company that isn’t sure which path to take for its long-term product vision or you’re a growth-stage software company that needs help keeping a project on track, Crosslake has the experience to help you innovate and optimize software to deliver new value.

Crosslake was our second consultant. Our company was looking for help to migrate our old source control system and Application Lifecycle Management system to Team Foundation Server. After a few months with the first consulting company we lost faith in their work and decided to review our options After interviewing a few companies we decided on Crosslake.

Our source control migration was first and was performed without a hitch. The second item was in-house training. Crosslake came on site and spent three days with us, teaching and coaching us on TFS and development and QA best practices. The latest item implemented is Automated Builds. It was a struggle with our legacy system, but in the end we have a fully automated process.

I cannot say enough praises for Crosslake. They are very smart, responsible and always a pleasure to work with. Thank you for bringing our company into 21st century!

Alina F.

Director of Software Development

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