Why Bring in Crosslake?

Most organizations have a good vision, they’ve got a plan to execute, and the people are motivated. The biggest challenge they have is getting the right people to carve out the time to drive the vision to fruition. People and plans need guidance and tracking to stay the course. Most organizations don’t have the luxury of extracting those individuals. Other day-to-day responsibilities get in the way and the transformation takes a back-seat.

The result—it just doesn’t have the sense of urgency.

Sure, some things are getting done. But the measurable improvements aren’t there. The project starts to lose momentum and people start to lose interest and move on.

In these cases, the organization never really gets to the point of adopting the spirit of the transformation to make it repeatable, scalable, and sustainable. It just didn’t become a natural part of the process and the team regressed to what’s familiar and comfortable.

The real value in bringing in a third party–to accelerate the change and make it stick.

If you were able to agree and standardize on a technical direction sooner rather than later, what would that do to your bottom line?

If you were able to implement new tools and processes like refactoring your legacy code, and speed that process up by six months or a year, how much money would your organization save?

What other opportunities could you and your team be working on during that 6 months you saved? When you combine the cost of labor, competitive gains, and the opportunity cost, bringing in a third party with deep functional and practical experience could, in fact, save you millions of dollars and help you launch ahead of the competition.

Working alongside your team, we create a collaborative and transparent environment. Your people know the challenges best. And we know how to break down the resistance to change.

We’ve been organizing and empowering teams to rally around change for years—change in technology, organizational structure, tools, and processes.

We have a passion for improvement.

Because our recommendations and systems have to be scalable, sustainable, and repeatable, you’ll benefit well into the future. We’ll help your team establish its own iterative processes for improvement with our Do-Show-Coach model. And that’s something you and your board members, shareholders and investors can take to the bank.

If it’s time to accelerate your software vision, inquire about a Software Development Assessment and get a better understanding for your options.

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