Making The Impossible Possible


At Crosslake, we help companies build better software.









Moving From Vision to Execution


We work with software development teams that are tasked with
taking on a new ‘vision’ to transform the way they do business.






Whether that new
value comes from
enhanced quality,
faster time to
market, or an
it’s about making
what might seem
impossible possible.




Our mission is simple:


To help organizations continually innovate and optimize software delivery to create new value.



It means learning new skills, modern platforms, and using new methodologies.  It means working alongside a team with functional proficiency and vast expertise shipping software.


development will
continue to be
disrupted by new
technology and
agile approaches,
so your
processes and
tools must
also adapt.


How We Help

Cloud Foundry


Work iteratively.


Embrace open standards, and the flexibility, and agility that comes with the cloud.

Technical Due Diligence

Identify risks. Discover opportunity.


Transformation Roadmap

Vision. Innovation. Transformation.

After a period of unprecedented growth, we found that our existing processes and execution models were inhibiting our ability to be truly successful. Crosslake was instrumental in helping us to identify improvement opportunities and implementing sustainable solutions. Morale is up, our velocity has increased and with every step forward we are embracing change and striving for success.

Brett Scantlebury

VP Engineering



We Work With Technology Leaders to Deliver More Value


Our obsession with improvement leads us to help you build better software, faster, everyday.

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Crosslake had all of our teams look at their products and helped them to prioritize everything based on risk, value, and return.  From a process perspective, the test planning has changed. We’re taking those concepts and adapting them—and it’s still having engineering impact.

Uma P.

VP Product Delivery


Crosslake makes measurable changes in
one or more of the following ways:


• Improved product value with the right features, done the right way


• Faster time-to-market and predictable delivery


• Enhanced quality assurance at a lower cost


• Increased productivity and reduced costs



Crosslake has the ability to organize and empower teams and get them to rally around the change.

Jenny P.

VP Engineering

It’s time. Let’s accelerate and transform your software development efforts.